Strange Instrument #15: The Guitar Mandolin Theremin aka The Destroyer


It’s been a while since I didn’t post a real strange instrument in here… Luckily fellow bloggers from Synthtopia aroused my curiosity while I was thinking about a ton of non guitar related stuff. They’ve posted about this instrument built in 2007 that is just unbelievable! I een thought it was a fake but it is not!

The Destroyer was made for an event I’ve never heard of (for sure as I’m far away from Jersey):  Jersey City Studio Artists Tour! This instrument combines the following:

  • A guitar with 5 pickups that I can only assume are single coils pickups.
  • A mandolin with 1 pickup, and 4 strings.
  • A theremin that lead me to find about this awesome version made by Theremaniacs for a real low price.

Well, you would think that it is weird enough? Guess what? You’re wrong! Beside all these features, The Destroyer features an onboard effects section with distorsion, chorus, and flanger. Plus the guitar neck is partially scalloped in case of an urgent need to shred… I guess?


destroyer-guitar-mandolin-theremin06 destroyer-guitar-mandolin-theremin03

Now that should be enough… You think you can now stop reading, and stumble upon another website? Well, no! Not yet! Just in case you thought this Frankenstein creature guitar wasn’t crazy enough… Here comes the bling side! It has many LEDs as fret markers, and on the body! Notice that these are not useless as they are indicators to see which electronic part is on.


I think that I will never find a craziest instrument than this one! Well that’s just theoratically because you never know what might come from the head of a crazy designer. Yet I think the Destroyer is way beyond all that they would imagine…

All the pictures of The Destroyer on the Mark Dalzell’s Flickr page.

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