Strange Instrument #14: The Karlax by Da Fact

I was hoping to see a lot of strange instruments at the Musikmesse, and as a matter of fact I’ve been a bit frustrated because I didn’t see that much. Luckily, while I was wandering there I’ve spotted the Karlax controller made by French company Da Fact. It looks like a futuristic flute but if you think it is, you’re not even that close to the truth. Da Fact created this instrument in order to break the constraints involved by traditional controllers.  Rather than imposing a static position, the Karlax is made to capture the body motion (fingers, wrists, elbows, torso,…), and translate it into music.  A nice way to link musical art and visual art… I have to admit that there is something hypnotical in the gestures, and the tones.

I don’t know why (actually I know why!) but every time I look at this video I can’t help myself thinking about Tori Amos bending… the device I mean of course. Hmmmm Torrid Tori Amos!


karlax-da-fact1 karlax-da-fact2 karlax-da-fact3

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