Strange Instrument #11 – The Pilcrow: Next Generation Musical Saw?

What about some strange instrument to start the week? Here is a sort of next generation musical saw i.e. Amplified!! The Pilcrow is a new kind of musical instrument, and it is wonderfully weird. Apparently, its creator (Henrik Amberla) wants to push the concept further to be able to use different keys, and different sounds by varying the steel rod size and shape.

Henrik Amberla says about Pilcrow:

Pilcrow is a new kind of musical instrument that combines elements from string and percussion instruments as well as idiophones…

… Pilcrow’s shape is largely dictated by the human anatomy which results in a very comfortable and relaxed position for the musician.

Check out this Pilcrow video… I love it!


Precision might be quite random but I guess that training would allow to target the notes more precisely. And imagine it plugged in a good pedalboard full of effects, that could sound just crazy… In case this is not already crazy enough for you.

Spotted by Agatzebluz


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