Guitar Neck Strength: The Ultimate Test by Hufschmid Guitars

I’ve watched this video 59 times to be sure that there was no trick… That’s what I call a solid guitar neck! Well we don’t know much about what happened after such an abuse. Did they put the neck to rest or did it require some lutheri-rgery (surgery for the guitars!). But still… Damn that neck is pretty solid!


This video is also the occasion to shed a light on Switzerland luthier Patrick Hufschmid: Hufschmid Guitars whose work is pretty interesting. Patrick Hufschmid is an expert in manufacturing 7 & 8 strings guitars so I guess that low tunings adepts will find ’em interesting to see & hear.  I really like his choices in terms of woods and finishes. Indeed despite the complex figured woods he use, the finishes are not flashy at all. Go check his website because it worth the look including for his 6 strings guitars…

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