Solid-State Tubes for Amps by AMT ?

Sometimes, you may think that everything has been already invented, and nothing can surprise you anymore. Then, you stumble upon that one thing that leaves you speechless !! Just like these solid-state tubes for amplifiers by AMT Electronics for example.

To be more accurate, AMT describes this invention as solid-state equivalents of the very famous 6L6 and 12AX7 tubes that populates most of our favorite tube amps out there.

Apparently they are still prototypes under test which aim to identically replicate the sounding characteristics of tubes. Obviously, the solid-state tubes would be less fragile than actual tubes, and would have the durability of transistors ! And, if I understand the concept, these pseudo-tubes would replace actual tubes of any amplifier !

I’m not tech savvy enough to precisely talk about what AMT Electronics are describing but I can’t wait to here these no-tubes in action.

Don’t you smell the scent of the debates to come ?  The very famous analog versus digital tubes versus solid-state debate once these weird babies will be on the market ! What do you think ?

EDIT : A reader of Guitar Fail pointed me to the fact that this is not a totally new concept. In fact, Jet City have previously released the Retrovalves that are pretty much the same thing. You can watch Guitar Noize demo of the Jet City Retrovalves.


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