So Psychedelic… The Video Guitar!

Who has never been fascinated by the light-shows and the gigantic most improbable videos screened during the gigs of the most famous bands? Come on… Don’t be so shy… I know you do love that just ’cause I do too!! Unfortunately, when you and your band are coming into town to play in the lil’ bar that hired you for its Thanks God it’s Friday gig, the bartender never seems to be happy to see the truck loaded with all your light show gear…

Well the Sarssi dude (me) is happy to present you the result of a long and passive watch… You know!! pretty much the same habit than Neo drooling in front of the Matrix trying to understand the data flow… From now on you’ll be able to perform your very own psychedelic light-show thanks to the Video Guitar…


It’s made by Ben Lewry from Visionary Instruments, and this is basically a guitar with an on-board LCD screen that will play any video you want, including visuals reacting to the music… Ain’t that a cool toy?

Spotted on Guitar MX Blog

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  1. Damn! I wonder how it feels to play that guitar on a LSD trip.

  2. This guitar IS an LCD trip… Oops!! 🙂

  3. @ Aeux: réponse reçue de la part de Ben Lewry et il me confirme que c’est bien un piezzo dans le chevalet couplé à un DSP embarqué (processeur de signal numérique) dans la nouvelle version de sa guitare (avant ça le signal était traité dans un ordinateur). Donc c’est bel et bien de la modélisation.

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