Shred This Too Competition… Vote For Me! (Please?)

Last friday I’ve posted about the coolest guitar competitions right now on Youtube… So, I wanted to enter at least one of them. The first victim of my moody guitar is the Shred This Too competition organized by Laurie Monk from Truth in Shredding. And as I am not much of a shredder (and believe you me, sometimes I wish I could do that kind of stuff),  this is a total No-Shred 100% Sarssi-Sauce… The good ol’ Ibanez AX-125 plugged in the Tonelab ST, and let’s roll… Here comes the musica! I think this is the 3rd or 4th one shot recording take, and it’s all about being spontaneous.  You can vote for my Sarssi-No-Shred-ipius video… If you don’t do it for the music, then you should do it for me!!


I know that I’ll have the comment, so I’m gonna answer now… Yes the video is dark as an elephant’s rectum!! The reason is pretty simple: I’ve totally forgot to turn out the light on the cloudly day of the shooting. Rookie mistake… Fatal error!! As I didn’t feel like recording again, I sticked to this take! In my defense, the Youtube treatment has made some damages to the video as it made it even darker.  Believe you me, my fingers and the pickups are visible on the original video. So I won’t make any comment yet about the quality of the Kodak Zi8 that a friend lend me for a while… I’ll do this later.

You can enter the competition until January 31…

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