Seaquence: Musical Petri-Dish

Hey… What about leaving the guitar world alone for this post, and be a little bit geek, and a little bit ScientiZic? I found Seaquence on emob which is the blog of a compagny that is specialized in video tutorials on the web. I love that Seaquence website, period!

Seaquence is the funny idea I wish I have had… It is a musical Petri-dish in which you can create dynamic musical life forms that combine to make a unique piece of music.

Yes… It is useless I guess but once a biologist always a biologist… Seaquence interested me a lot because a while ago I started to work on a phylogenetical tree of music! But I gave up this one, and I was right to do so! Seaquence is a way better idea that goes way beyond a phylogenetic tree!

I wonder if it would be possible to make a fun experiment to randomly make evolve the musical life forms in the Petri-dish in order to see if simple musical forms could give rise to complex musical forms! Could a Darwinian process create classical music or jazz?? I know this would be totally useless but it would be funny! And I like useless ’cause it’s funny! Plus, aren’t you tired of all these useful things out there??

Here is a video that shows how Seaquence work, and if you want to have fun creating your own musical Petri-dish go check


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  1. Amusant en effet le biologiste que je suis apprécie !

  2. ca plait aussi au biochimiste… ;)))

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