Sanyo Pedal Juice: Just Another Gadget or a Revolutionary Solution to Power a Pedalboard?

I’d never have thought that a general electronics brand like Sanyo would have a close interest in the musicians niche, yet that’s what they did by transposing the Eneloop rechargeable battery into a pedal format device thus making it an autonomous power device for pedalboards. I stumbled upon the Pedal Juice while I was watching around the web to bring some content for G.A.S. a GoGo, my competitions blog (in French only), and I thought that this information deserved to be featured here.

Pedal Juice Sanyo

Sanyo is announcing that the device capacity is up to 50 hours of power if you plug one analog pedal, and it drops to 20 hours if the Pedal Juice is used to power 3 digital effects. In the press release that I’ve read, you will see this clear distinction between analog pedals versus 3 digital pedals. I don’t quite get why they are making this distinction because it seems to be logic that the autonomy of the pedal juice drops down when it powers 3 pedals instead of one.  Maybe there is some reason or constraints related to some subtile electronic effect that would increase the energy cost (if someone has an explanation I’d be glad to read it in the comments section below).

The Pedal Juice fully recharges in 3.5 hours, and has 3 LED indicator to watch the energy level available. It has 2 DC outputs so that it can power several devices. I guess that you can plug a daisy-chain to enhance the number of devices plugged, and kill the capacity of the battery even faster. But anyway, who cares as you’ll just have to recharge it for the next jam or concert? According to the maker, the 9V Eneloop battery is rechargeable up to 1500 times, and it still retains 75% of its original capacity after 3 years of use. I won’t tell you further about arguments such as  “your tone will be much better” though my skills in electronics allow me to understand how this is possible. I’ll let you discover all this by yourself instead at Sanyo US.

I think the idea of the Pedal Juice is pretty cool though the device is clearly not made to last a whole life (whih device is anyway?), and I think that it is great to see a mainstream brand getting interest in the music insruments niche. The Sanyo Pedal Juice will cost $199 in the U.S., and I hope it will be soon available in Europe (and worldwide).

And to finish this post, you can enter a giveaway to win a Sanyo Pedal Juice here. (you can also see this on G.A.S. a GoGo if you fancy read some French blog post win a Sanyo Pedal Juice along with ProCo, Ibanez, and Electro-Harmonix effects).

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