Sammy Scott… Talented Kid Singing Jazz Standards

Got impressed by this 9 years old (when the vidéo was made) Sammy Scott spotted by me friend Pentaminor…

As he said “I’m depressed when I listen to the radio,  but often this kind of videos found on the web gives me hope”… I couldn’t agree more with you mate!! She just caught me off guard when she started to sing this standard jazz tune (Exactly Like You)… Of course it’s not perfect… But, she’s got talent and if she keeps on practicing, she’ll be a hell of a jazz singer for sure!!


I’ll never understand how some stuff buzz through the web, while the worthy ones don’t… But hey, maybe it’s for the best!

Find more of her videos on her youtube channel

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  1. Yo doc… Comme toi j’ai été scié… Au début je me suis dis mouai et puis dès qu’elle chante j’ai juste dit “yawooooza!”

  2. Hello!
    J’avais aussi posté cette vidéo il y a quelques temps. Je craque complètement. Cette gamine a vraiment un feeling d’enfer 🙂

  3. Salut JC… M’étonne point que tu sois fan, ça fait du bien entre un Metallica et un Megadeth 😀

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