Rocksmith : Do we Need a Serious Guitar Game?

Ubisoft is announcing their new guitar game to be released in several months from now: Rocksmith ! They claim that now you will be able to play the game with a real guitar! Looks like a déjà vu as they are not the first company to announce this.

Now unlike most of these companies, UbiSoft has the power to make this real. They are able to make the first serious guitar game! By serious I mainly mean that this could be the first guitar game that might actually teach you how to play guitar! And then I wonder why the hell should they make such a game??

Seriously, do we need a serious guitar game? I mean guitar playing is already a game, isn’t it? So why adding a top layer of video game on the only game that matters: playing the guitar!

Ok… I think you would be right to tell me that if it brings more kids to play guitar then it is not a bad thing!

But aren’t you afraid that:

  • Jamming with the TV will be the 21st century vision of live music?
  • It could mostly give rise to a generation of imitators, and clones instead of creators?

I’m not backward-looking but I really wonder how good it will be for creativity. And the trailers released by Ubisoft are not reassuring me! I mean they are perfectly produced with the right amount of story telling.


Talking about story telling I especially like this second video! A cutie explaining how she improved her guitar skills with the video game… That is not even released yet? Yeah I know: test panels, and stuff but still! I think their story telling is a bit clumsy!

If I sum up the idea, she is saying: I tried to play guitar before but I’ve never had fun! Now, I have so much fun playing guitar with this video game so I might stick to it this time! I have to say that it’s the weirdest line of argument I’ve seen so far! It is all about the game, it is not about playing guitar! Maybe it’s not that clumsy after all… It only depends on which side you are looking.


Yeah you might have noticed in the past that I’m not the biggest fan of video games! Actually I have a historical reason for that matter:  about 14 years ago I’ve met the Ubisoft team as they were looking for people with a scientific education to help them write scenarios for some serious games! I didn’t push the experience further for several reasons that I tend to sum up as : my instinct told me that video games won’t last anyway !! That very same instinct that I’m so proud of most of the time was so crappy that day to give me such a bad piece advice! It was a bad advice because it looks like the video game industry is pushing very hard into the serious games field.

Anyway… What do you think about this Rocksmith thingy?

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