Dean Guitars Will Rock Your Night at the Hotel

Next summer Dean Guitars will Rock Your Night at Ibis Hotels , and it will do it in a Spinal Tap-ish way! At least that’s what I’ve got from this hilarious series of advertisment spotted a couple of days ago. That’s quite a nice product placement for Dean Guitars (at least I think it is, and even if it’s not that has pretty much the same effect) with this TENor 15 parodic glam-rock band.

Look how glamourous is this band full of guitars, keytars, brushed hairs, and glitter… The song is quite entertaining whether you like the glam metal genre or not, and it is not surprising considering that French funk rock guitarist Yarol Poupaud wrote it (via La Fille du Rock).


To decipher this a little bit, let’s just say that the band’s name TENor 15 is referring to a special offer that Ibis Hotel will make this summer i.e. a cut of 10 or 15 € for their room charges. Notice the excellent word play: 10 or 15… Ten or 15…. TENor 15. The band is obviously fake as a parody can be, and it strongly recalls the main Spinal Tap clichés. Just as the fictional aspects of Spinal Tap the movie, TENor 15 also had a legendary fake tour back in 1992/1993  that lead them from Paris suburbs to London. And now they are planning the Pillow Fight Summer Tour ’10. I don’t know what it is but I definitely would attend a pillow fight gig with a pit full of… huh hum!! Is this a pillow fight slumber party?

I don’t know which agency is behind this but they just captured all the clichés, and codes of a certain era of rock’n’roll to make this creative campaign. Yet, questions remain:

  • Do they mean that now that music business is quite a mess, bands will afford hotel rooms instead of sleeping in tour vans?
  • Aren’t they afraid that this could make regular customers (i.e. not really fans of noisy rock stars) run away from Ibis Hotels?

Who knows what’s in a publicist mind? These people just don’t think like normal people do! Anyway, I like it when they come up with such hilarious yet strongly inspired (by Spinal Tap) ideas. And I especially like when guitars, and guitar riffs are at the center of a communication. Last but not the least, I totally dig the fact that it is not a Gibson or Fender product placement… I mean you know that I obviously like these brands, but seeing other guitars is refreshing.

You can watch all the TENor15 videos on Youtube, and follow the fake story of the fake TENor15 band on Facebook.

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