Rock Band3: They Made it? A Video Game With an Actual Guitar?

There is no secret about it… 95% of the video games tend to get me bored! Guitar Hero and its likes are at the top of my scale of boredom and annoyance! But I have to admit that I am quite curious about the new video game Rock Band 3! I am intrigued! They finally made it… An actual guitar, a Squier guitar comes with the game? Finally these games aim to get gamers to learn how to play guitar?

Actually it is not only concerning guitar as there alsois a keytar MIDI controller available for Rock Band 3! But let’s stick with the guitar/controller of this game. Apparently there are two ways to play it. You can play on the very same boring coordination principle of the ancestral Guitar Hero game (I guess that in the video games world, Guitar Hero is like a dinosaur, right?). Or you can play it in expert mode that consists in playing the actual notes that are displayed on the TV screen!

Apparently it is possible to access some training modes in the video game so that you can practice the basics of guitar. It seems that they really managed to build the bridge between musical video games and musical instrument practice! And this is a great shot for Squier in terms of placement, and brand image. Being associated with Rock Band is great for the brand exposure to young (and older) generations of gamers who might get the virus of actual guitar one day! At least it will be available around March 2011.

As for me I don’t think that you will see me soon buying such a music video game… This ain’t for me, and I suck at it anyway! One thing I am not sure about is what kind of excuse will I find to resist playing Rock Band 3 if it crosses my path one day or another! Yeah, right… I think I’ll have none! What are your thoughts about this?

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