Roadie Tuner : Smart Tuner on Kickstarter

Roadie-TunerThe Roadie Tuner is a very cool invention that could be useful to both professional and hobbyist guitar players.

The Roadie Tuner is a mechanical tuner interfaced with a mobile application. The smartphone captures the sound of the guitar, and then sends commands to Roadie via the Roadie Tuner App (iOS or Android). The application has a very interesting feature called Instrument Doctor. Every time you tune your instrument, the application is able to evaluate the elasticity and tonal signature of each string. Then, the application is able to inform you on the quality of the guitar strings letting you know that it is time to restring the instrument.

The idea and the object are undoubtedly interesting especially for the open-tuning heavy users (either guitar players or lapsteel players). The only thing I regret is that Roadie Tuner is only usable with the smartphone and the mobile app. Some basic mobile-free functions on the device itself (à la min-ETune) could be a nice addition… But maybe I am missing the whole point here.

Bassam Jalgha and Hassane Slaibi worked on Roadie Tuner R&D for 2 years, and now they launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign is doing well as they started it on November 20, and they already reached over 50% of the $60 000 goal after 2 days. No doubt that Roadie Tuner will go into production.

More information about Roadie Tuner on Kickstarter. For the most curious of you, you can back the campaign at the $79 point and you will get a Roadie Tuner around June 2014. This is a nice deal as the final price will be $99.

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  1. Interresting gear ! thanks, I think I will try it !

  2. I would love to buy it …does it sell in Singapore ?

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