It’s All About Guitar Round-up #9

A few links for the weekend : gear news, demos, reviews, websites, and fun… Things that I could have blogged, things that went under my radar !! Enjoy…

The Giveaway of the Week

Once again, G.A.S. a GoGo found several international giveaways. Here are my two favorites of the week:  win 1 of 10 Airline & Eastwood guitars & the Guitar Noize 4th Birthday Bonanza with TC Electronic, MXR & MI Effects to win.

Also don’t forget that I have 2 copies of The Book of Orange flipbook to give away

The Wacky Guitar of the Week

Actually this is not one but several models, and I’ve poste one of these on Guitar Fail. They are made by Electric Babes. And Hmmmm…

Question of the week : Is it reasonable to put female underwear on a phallic symbol?

Digitech Geeky Multi-Effect Pedalboard

I’ve seen it first on I Hear Guitar… Here is the Digitech iPB-10 which is a programmable pedalboard that holds an iPad… That’s a pretty cool device because with the iPB Nexus app it will allow you to build your pedalboard by chosing among  87 pedals, 54 amps & 26 cabs ! Flexible, and pretty well done but…

But how many people will take the risk to step on their shiny iPad with their dirty boots ??

The Hilarious Joke of Guitar World About the Future Album of Metallica & Lou Reed

It is impossible that you missed the news about Metallica set to release an album recorded with Lou Reed… My first reaction was to imagine James Hetfield singing “Take a Walk on the Wild Siiiide Yeah Yeaaaaah”, and I thought… Damn, I’ll fucking buy that one!! And then Guitar World  published a leaked track of Metallica jamming with Lou Reed. I have to admit… I’m still laughing my ass off at this joke…

Billy Gibbons’ 10 Favorite Blues Albums of All Time

It is a feature on Music Radar, and the title speaks for itself… Always a great insight when the legends speak about the music they love…

That’s all for the 7th edition of the It’s All About Guitar Round-up segment… See ya later!

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