It’s All About Guitar Round-up #7

A few links for the weekend : gear news, demos, reviews, websites, and fun… Things that I could have blogged, things that went under my radar !! Enjoy…

  • The Giveaway of the Week : You may not know that I also run a second blog named G.A.S. a GoGo which is a gear giveaways blog in French (featuring only gear giveaways open to international entrants). There were a lot of giveaways the last 2 weeks, and one of the best was from Mi Effects : A Monster Crunch Giveaway with a Crunch Box Hotrod to win…
  • New website for Guitar World: I’ve spotted this news at Peter’s I Heart Guitar blogGuitar World magazine has a new website, and it is so much better to browse it than the previous version !
  • Demo of the Delta 90 from Flatline Guitars : Here is a guitar brand I didn’t know before, and this Telecaster with a Bigsby, and bridge P90 looks just awesome! Check out the Flatline Guitars Delta 90 demo by Guitar Noize contributor JD.
  • The Rapture at The Fifth Fret : This post from Pappy at The Fifth Fret is hilarious… So that’s how the end of times would look like at a guitarist’s home !!
  • Video Presentation of the James Tyler Variax at Jeux de Cordes : Well this link is in French but you can use a translator to read it, and you don’t need any translator to watch the demo of what must be the first James Tyler Variax in France (that’s in the second video)!
  • Another excellent video presentation of the James Tyler Variax at Fret Time : This link is also in French but you have to check the videos of Dominik from Fret Time… In his 4 video demos the Variax sounds huge, and he is a pretty awesome guitarist!!

That’s all for the 7th edition of the It’s All About Guitar Round-up segment… See ya later!


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