It’s All About Guitar Round-up #6

Some gear news… A great Funk guitar lesson… An interview of one of my favorite guitarists from the general Metal scene… Here comes the it’s all about guitar round-up #6.

Blackstar HT-1: 1 Watt Marvel

I’ve spotted this at Guitar Noize, 1 Watt under the nice chassis of this Blackstar HT-1 amp… Definitely, I want one! And I’m fairly certain that I can still kill my neighbors with noise with that! You can watch a video on Jon’s blog, and the one below from Anderton’s Music… Sweet demo!


Rotosound Super Bronze Acoustic Strings

In general when a product name contains Super, and everyone talks about it withinn a 24 hours time frame… I tend to be suspicious! That’s the reason why I’m linking the news as I read it at Guitarless by Gerry Hayes because just as him I wonder if it’s not a case of an exagerated tone revolution that only flies, and dogs will hear! I don’t know, and I might even be curious to hear that though I’m not a fly fly nor a dog

Nile Rodgers Funk Guitar Lesson

I”ve spotted this Funk guitar lesson by legendary Nile Rodgers at Guitar Lifestyle, and when one of the most grooviest guitarists on thee planet says “never hit more than 3 strings at a time”, you never hit more than 3 strings à time, period!  First rule of Funk: less is more! Next time I see a guitarist playing Sex Machine with full chords… I’m gonna tell him!


Rocky George Interview

Here is an interview of one of the most underrated guitarists from the Metal scene, and one of my favorites too as he played in two of my favorite bands Suicidal Tendencies & Fishbone: Rocky George. If you don’t know him, you should listen to his work… If you know him well go check this interview at Guitar International. He talks a lot about the time he spent with Suicidal Tendencies.

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  1. L’interview de Rocky George était intéressante, merci.

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