It’s All About Guitar Round-up #3

It’s Friday already… This week comes to an end, and I might some sweet things to announce in the couple of weeks to come (that a pre pre-teaser). But right now is the right time for the chapter 3 of It’s All About Guitar Round-up, a quick tour of the things I liked on the guitar web this week…

Soundseeing of the Torpedo VB-101

This week La Chaîne Guitare (The Guitar Channel) released an episode with a demo of the Torpedo VB-101 speaker cabinet emulator made by the French company Two Notes. I checked for myself during exhibits that this device sounds awesome though I didn’t try it yet… But one day for sure I’ll check it closely! If you are not familiar with La Chaîne Guitare (The Guitar Channel) go check it because Pierre does a great work with this guitar centric podcast, and now it is possible for the non-French speakers to subscribe to the English feed of The Guitar Channel to only get the episodes recorded in English (featuring interviews of Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Dave Weiner, Eric Bibb, Vernon Reid, and many more).

Vintage Australian Amps

Here is a very interesting article by Peter (I Heart Guitar) published on Premier Guitar: A brief history of Australian vintage tube amps. I didn’t knew that Australian amplification history was so dynamic until the 1970s when American, and British gear was hardly making its way to the furthest corner of the planet! I wonder if this article has the power to launch the G.A.S. maniacs, and collectors on the chase for these vintage Australian amps because some of the amps presented are pretty nice to see…

And You… Do you Collect Gear or Do you Play Guitar?

To be totally honest, I plead guilty… Lately I play guitar but I spend a lot of time dreaming about a collection of guitars (luckily I most often step back from buying another guitar). I love the object… That’s my curse! I have to admit that the following article, Are you here to Learn Guitar or to Collect Equipment, made me think a little about my practice though it doesn’t give a new perspective on the topic. Lately I often think more about the fact that my Ibanez AX-125 is slowly dying  than the fact that I want to play/jam with real persons that don’t a have a Play button!

Music Radar Pays Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

Like it or not but Jimi Hendrix guitar work is a cornerstone in the history of electric guitar! It is an indisputable fact! There were some guitarists as important as Hendrix was before him… There have been a lot of better guitarists after Hendrix died… But he remains the Legend, capital L! Saturday September,18 will be the 40th anniversary of the Voodoo Chile’s death! To celebrate the legend, Music Radar published a series of tribute articles that are quite interesting to read even though they don’t bring some exclusive news. You will find the Top 10 Hendrix songs according to Joe Satriani or the top 10 according to Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and you will also find articles about the meaning of Jimi Hendrix music to guitarists such as Steve Vai or Eric Johnson!

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