It’s All About Guitar Round-up #4

I’ve been down down this week because of late pollen burst here… Damn you allergies! Yet I’ve read a couple of nice stories around the guitar centric web, and I thought it would be nice to share them in case they went under your radar! And it’s all about guitar…

Gibson VS. Fender Guitar Tone Comparisons by Scott Grove

Here is a rather interesting blind test comparison though it is restricted to the usual clash of the titans i.e. Gibson versus Fender… If I were Scott Grove (at least if I had all these axes of his) I would have cut the video into 2 parts to make the blind test easier to follow (first video the blind test then the disclosure).  Not a big news but the most interesting about this video is the close relation between the pickups configurations, and the resulting tone as expected.  Often you can hear people talking about the Fender tone, and the Gibson tone but they should rather talk in terms of pickups configurations (or at least single coils tone versus humbuckers tone).  This is more obvious when you watch the second part of the video where he reveals the models (and some are very surprising).  People… You should look for a type of sound not a brand!!  Yeah I know… I’m beating a dead horse here!


A Nice Story About a Stolen Stratocaster Featuring Buddy Guy & Bobby D

I read this Stratocaster & Gentlemen’s story at Stratoblogster… It says how Buddy Guy got one of his favorite guitars back 20 years after it was stolen  back in the 70s.  And as the gentleman that Buddy is, he never mentionned that this guitar was stolen from him… He just wanted his guitar back, and was ready to pay big money!  I like this kind of stories… Not my only guitar story when a freaky drunkard wanted to break my acoustic guitar during an overnight train journey!! If only he managed to do this,  it would have been a great day to finally get rid of this very very bad axe!!

How Much for the John 5 Broken Telecaster?

John 5 breaks a Squier Telecaster (signature obviously) on stage! John 5 gathers all the pieces of the broken guitar! John 5 sells the ruined guitar on ebay! How much would you spend for this guitar? Go read this on Guitarless. Spending so much money on a ruin is pointless if he breaks one at each gig! Value close to Absolute Zero!!

Pro Guitar Shop Guitar Recording Process

If you like nice guitars, and drool while watching gear demos mumbling the guitar mantra “It will be mine… Oh yes…  It will be mine ” then you probably already know the Pro Guitar Shop Youtube Channel. Here is a video of the series The Scoop with Andy (awesome, and unconventional guitarist) showing their recording process.  Real sound booth, and pro material there is no mystery but the fundamental principles of a good recording process are well explained!


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