It’s All About Guitar Round-up #12

A few links for the weekend : gear news, demos, reviews, websites, and fun… Things that I could have blogged, things that went under my radar !! Enjoy…

The Giveaway of the Week

Well… Summer is always slower than the rest of the year, and so it is for gear giveaways… But you can’t (you didn’t) miss that one with Rittenhouse Stratocaster Heavy Relic’d guitar to win on

Dr Jeff Beck

“Jeff Beck is today considered to be the finest guitarist in the world. He has inspired generations of young guitarists and is delighted to be recognized for his work”… So that’s why the University of Sussex named Jeff Beck as an honorary Doctor of Music!

I think it is well deserved… (via

Telebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Telecaster

Nice word play from Fender… So for this anniversary Fender will release some custom shop models in limited series. Among the 5 models made in 60 copies only there will be a replica of the Telecaster prototype! Find more at Fender.

Stompland… Billy Corgan Give us a Tour of his Effects Pedals

Don’t tell me you don’t want some pieces of that collection…


Amy Winehouse – Acoustic Version of Rehab (Guitar & Vocals)

I know it is very trendy to glorify her/insult her now that she’s gone. Back a few years ago I really liked her 2 albums, and her voice that sounded like it was from the past, and her sense of rhythm that gave her that weird but enjoyable groove! Was she overrated? Not good enough to be in that legendary 27 Club? A real genius?

Hell no… She was just a kid who knew how to sing but couldn’t stop destroying herself! So all you moralizers, those who always know better than everyone else,  elitists, morbid gold diggers… Yeah, you out there! Just go fuck yourselves with all your stupid comments!


And just for the pleasure, here is a video from a time when she was far from that dark path she took…


And as it is a 100% guitar blog… Here is a little video of her performing on the guitar… Ok, that’s what you can call a minimalistic approach but still interesting enough.


That’s all for the 12th edition of the It’s All About Guitar Round-up segment… See ya later!

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