It’s All About Guitar Round-up #10

A few links for the weekend : gear news, demos, reviews, websites, and fun… Things that I could have blogged, things that went under my radar !! Enjoy…

The Giveaway of the Week

Once again this week was a cool week for gear giveaways, G.A.S. a GoGo spotted 4 of them open worlwide… Here are 2 of them with boutique effects to win. The first one is held by a store in Belgium, Crush The Button with 3 boutique pedals to win (Neunaber Wet Reverb, Infanem Second Voice & Crush/Moody Feedback Looper), the second one is on Guitar Jar with a booster to win The Demon boost by Hello Sailor Effects.

Also don’t forget that I still have 2 copies of The Book of Orange flipbook to give away

Steve Lukather, Benrod & the Wave Box

Congratulations to Benrod, French effects maker, for having teamed up with Steve Lukather to build a new effect following the specs of Lukather himself : The Benrod Wave Box (link is in English)… That must be thrilling!

The Wave Box is a vibe/trem pedal that Steve Lukather already has on his pedalboard for touring… So I guess he is happy about his new effect! The Wave Box will be soon available in Canada and the USA!

Kirk Hammett, Hawaii & Guitar Aficionado

I’ve spotted this one on blabbermouth, and this is a cool video showing a cool side of Kirk Hammett… And most important, this makes me wanna move to Hawaii !! Well, I don’t know for you but I’ll be glad to read this issue of Guitar Aficionado!


Peter Malinoski Art Guitars at the NY Amp Show

Cool video from Premier Guitar magazine featuring Peter Malinoski presenting his guitars… Or should I say his pieces of art that sound like guitars…


Day of Dunlop, MXR & Way Huge

Spotted on Dunlop blog, I really liked the idea in this video i.e. showing a demo of 20 Dunlop, MXR, and Way Huge pedals but dispatched in different rigs (Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Heavy & Bass). The video is a bit long to watch but I like it though. I can’t even imagine how much did it take to craft this one!


That’s all for the 10th edition of the It’s All About Guitar Round-up segment… See ya later!

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