[Review] VGS Select Mustang

I made this review of the VGS Select Mustang guitar for Guitariste.com  where you can hear and watch the video : VGS Select Mustang.

Vision in Guitars (VGS) started by making guitars for heavy music genres but they eventually expanded their lines far from that special field. The VGS Mustang is one of these guitars…

The Mustang is obviously inspired by the famous ES-335 guitar… You can see it in its shape, in its color, and many other details. Yet, if you look closer you can spot some other influences. For instance, the asymmetric headstock could remind you of a Mosrite-like headstock. The F-holes and jazz tailpiece have their own modern design.

The guitar is built very well. The bindings and the mother-of-pearl inlays are very clean. The frets are cut and finished pretty well. You almost don’t feel them under your fingers. So, the fabrication is excellent.

The Mustang is a comfortable guitar… It is big but not heavy. The unplugged tone is very natural. You know how sometimes you don’t get a natural woody tone with this kind of mid-range hollowbody guitars. Well, the Mustang unplugged tone is woody and harmonious. The VGS Mustang has a long sustain.

Once plugged, the tone of the Mustang is pretty clean. The VGS dog-ear P-90 pickups are clean, and don’t sound as biting as the original P-90. The neck pick-up has a clean jazzy feel : loud and warm. The bridge pickup was less convincing. I think it lacks the usual incisive quality of the P-90 either on clean or driven tones. Still, it is a cool guitar to play with.

To conclude, if you are looking for a comfortable, and clean ES-335 like guitar, you should check the VGS Select Mustang… It is a cool and affordable guitar that sells at 390€

Plus :
Very well built
Very cool sounding jazzy neck pickup

Minus :
The bridge pickup is not the most convincing

For more information, check vgs-guitars.com

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