[Review] Schecter SGR Solo-6

I made this review of the Schecter SGR Solo-6 guitar for Guitariste.com  where you can hear and watch the video : Schecter SGR Solo-6.

Schecter… They do guitars made for metal and heavy music, right? Actually not if you consider the huge diversity (it’s a euphemism) of their guitars catalog.

I have to confess that for this review, I didn’t do my homework before. Yes ! I opened the box, I took the guitar, and didn’t do any research about it. How much does it cost? what are the specs? Where is it made? I only looked at it and thought : “Oh… A white Les Paul-esque guitar from Schecter… How original is this !!” 

And then I remembered : You can’t judge a book by its cover ! Never do that ! And it works for guitars as well !

So, what about this Schecter SGR Solo-6 guitar that doesn’t look like the typical heavy metal guitar ?

  • Aesthetic: The white finish is clean and not shiny. It is a nice guitar !
  • Fabrication: The neck is pretty well made. Frets work is good, and the varnish in the back of the neck is thin. Nice sensations. The body-neck junction is very clean suggesting a good access to the higher frets.

The guitar seems to be well built. Nothing revolutionary about it but who cares ? Let’s plug, and play…

  • Comfort:
    • The guitar is light, and very comfortable to play. My only regret is about the light gauge strings that come with the guitar : too soft! It requires heavier string to bring the best out of it.
    • Access to the higher frets is good but I think it could have been better with a thiner neck joint. As is, it is good enough though.
  • Sounds: All in all, this guitar is a good sounding machine.
    • The neck pickup has a good clarity on clean tones. When saturated it gets darker and muddy (slightly lacking clarity).
    • The bridge pickup is a lot more sharper. On the clean channel of the amp, it is very easy to make it crunch. When saturated it also gets a little bit darker, and muddy.

The Schecter SGR Solo-6 is clearly made for rock, and it does pretty well on bluesy tones as well.

So, how much does it cost ? What ? The Schecter SGR Solo-6 is only 199€ ? That’s right… SGR is a budget line of guitars made by Schecter. I didn’t know that until I researched a little bit ! It is a guitar made for beginners, and while testing it I thought it was three times its actual price. As a mid-range guitar it wouldn’t be that great but for the 199€ price point, it is a hell of a deal !

It is a cool guitar for beginners… That’s funny how times have changed. Now you can get a real comfortable and sounding guitar to begin with. Plus it has a cool look ! What else would you ask for ?

Plus :

  • Comfort
  • Finish
  • Price

Minus :

  • Light gauge strings
  • Lack of clarity when saturated

Specs :

  • Basswood body
  • Bolt-on neck
  • Maple neck. Rosewood fingerboard
  • Scale 25,5”
  • Tune-O-Matic bridge with thru-body
  • 3-way switch
  • SGR Schecter Diamond Plus humbucker pickups

More information on schecterguitars.com

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  1. Why do you rate a guitar by strings that can be changed dumb ass? Lack of clearity when saturated? WTF is that? Change the fucking pickups duche bag.

  2. Wow… Being treated a dumbass and a douchebag in one comment especially on a positive review… Ain’t that a bit too much?

    Anyway let me answer though I don’t think you deserve any clarification :
    – I don’t change the strings because I review the gear as is… This is not my guitar! This is a guitar sent by the distributor to the magazine I work for. I would be happy to be paid enough to change the strings on every guitar I receive for review… Unfortunately, that’s not the case though I feel lucky to be paid to review guitars!!
    – Lack of clarity means muddy… You are right I could have said muddy in first place !
    – I don’t have enough budget to change the strings on the guitars I review… I think you will easily figure out that I’m not going to change pickups!!

    You see… How easy it is to be polite. Peace Joe…

  3. Hi! I really enjoyed your review. I have a schecter sgr solo 6 and i want to put thicker strings. Is there any problem?

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