[Review] Custom 77 Overdrive Push Me Pull Me

I made this review of the Custom 77 Push Me Pull Me Overdrive for Guitariste.com  where you can hear and watch the video : Custom 77 Push Me Pull Me.

Is it possible to build quality effects for a reasonable price ? That’s what French guitar brand Custom 77 tried to do recently when they launched the new effects pedals line.

Does the Push Me Pull Me Overdrive by Custom 77 keep that promise ?

  • Aesthetic : The graphics is a creation of French artist MinaSmoke. I dig it ! If it sounds as awesome as it looks… That pedal should really keep its promise !!
  • Fabrication : The metal case is not that heavy but it seems pretty solid. Potentiometers, and switchs look solid too.

I have no doubt that the manufacture is well done. What about the tones ?

  • The standard Level, Tone and Gain controls plus the Vintage, Modern and Wild modes selector allow a huge versatility of the Push Me Pull Me pedal.
  • I liked the Vintage and Modern voicings. It is crunchy, and roaring. It is perfect for most kind of rock musics.
  • Vintage and Modern modes do sound different.
  • I was expecting a boosted overdrive tone with the Modern voicing. But actually it remains vintage oriented with a sharper quality.
  • Though it can reach a good level of gain, this pedal is not dirty sounding.
  • The only thing I didn’t like was the Wild voicing… It is way too wild for me ! The output level is very high, it has a lot of dynamics, and the tone is somehow very percussive. I was not able to tame it during the test period. Some wilder guitarists than me should be able to use it anyway.

I think this overdrive should be perfect for many styles of hard blues and rock. When used on the lead channel of the amp, it allows to reach some serious distorsions. It is available for 95€ direct from Custom 77… And it is worth the money. I even thought it was more expensive!

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