[Review] Custom 77 Booster King For a Day

I made this review of the Custom 77 King For a Day Booster for Guitariste.com  where you can hear and watch the video : Custom 77 King For a Day.

French guitar brand Custom 77 proved that they can make quality and affordable effects with the Push Me Pull Me Overdrive.

What about the King For a Day booster by Custom 77 ?

  • Aesthetic: The intriguing graphics of the King For a Day booster is made by French artist Jefk ! It is actually as intriguing as this special booster (see below).
  • Fabrication: The metal case is not that heavy but it seems pretty solid. Potentiometers, and switchs look solid too.

The manufacture of the King For a Day booster is as good as the manufacture of the Custom 77 overdrive. What about the tones ?

The King For a Day booster is a bit special for a booster. It is not a clean booster nor a treble booster but it is a little bit of both booster types. Custom 77 clearly made the versatility choice there.  I am a total newbie when it comes to boosters, so I identified 2 ways to use the King For a Day booster that suit me.

  • This booster is excellent to get a crunch tone from the clean channel of the amp. It actually can reach a good saturation level.
    • Depending on the amp, you’ll have to use the Level and Voice controls to keep a nice crunch effect.
    • The result is even better on the lead channel with a low gain setting. Once the booster is engaged, you get more bite but not more saturation.
  • The second use is related to my way of playing. I often play triades on the G, B and E strings with a clean tone.
    • In this context, the Hi-Cut contrôle of the booster allows me to have more presence and biting tone on this short licks.
    • It allows me to keep a punchy tone one I switch from a overdriven tone to a clean tone, or add some punch and cut through the mix without using an overdrive.

These are two specific use that I like but the Hi-Cut and Voice controls are a lot more versatile. They’ll allow to shape your tone very efficiently either on clean or overdriven tones. I think that the Custom 77 choice for versatility is a good choice for a booster effect. The King For a Day booster is available for 88€ direct from Custom 77

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  1. Great voice effects, perfect.

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