Thoughts on the Musikmesse 2011 – The Untidy Shredder : Pleonasm !

I guess that most trade shows have the same issue : The Untidy Shredder ! Not every demonstrators fall into this category… Actually they even are a minority ! But I couldn’t avoid them…

They shred because someone asked them to shred to blow people’s minds off !

They have to blow people’s mind because someone thinks that’s what it takes to sell the gear !

They are untidy because in the ocean of noise of a tradeshow like the Musikmesse, I still wonder how they can still hear what they play after one hour in that mess ?

I guess that most of ’em are awesome guitarists when they are not in the demo act…

But here is a quick question… Is there such thing than an “untidy shredder”? Ain’t that a pleonasm? Once the shredder becomes organised, that means he is just playing music, right?

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