Question for the Week-End : About Jazzmaster Copies Pick-ups.

How is it that any copy of the Fender Jazzmaster comes with P90s like pick-ups instead of regular Jazzmaster single coil pick-ups? Sometimes they even come with a Stratocaster configuration: pick-ups and bridge!

That is a fact, and a mystery!! Is there any patent applied on these pick-ups? Somehow it is impossible to get a good similar pick-up outside of Fender labs?

Jazzmaster copy from Agile Guitars

Agile Jazzmaster Copy

The Surf model from Tuscany Guitars

Tuscany Surf

The Surfcaster from Jay Turser Guitars

Jay Turser Surfmaster

The Stagg Jazzmaster… Not!!stagg_jazzmaster_copy

Do any of you guys have any clue about this? Drop a comment if you do!

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