When the Guitar Becomes the Inspiration…

I am sure that the story I’m about to tell happened to some guitarists out there. It happened to me on some rare occasions since I started to play guitar, and as it is happening right now I felt like sharing this in a quick post. A couple of days ago, Pierre from The Guitar Channel (French & English guitar podcast) lent me his gorgeous Rittenhouse relic Telecaster that he won last year in a giveaway that he found on Muzicosphere (you can hear & see the guitar in LCG episode #094).

I’ll do a full review of the guitar in a few days but until then here are some remarks that occured while I was playing this guitar:

  • I was sceptical about relic guitars until I’ve met Bill Nash, and I had a close view on his guitars… And now the finish of this Rittenhouse Telecaster is so realistic that I can’t be sceptic anymore!! The finish is absolutely awesome. It really makes you feel like you are holding a guitar that traveled the world with The Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen!!
  • This guitar is inspirational!! I’ve already played quite a few Telecaster guitars before but none of these inspired me like this one! Obviously it didn’t make a virtuoso out of me!! But damn… It sounds great, and it makes me want to play! It calls me to  caress her strings!! Yeah… It definitely is a she !
  • Is it a consequence of this burst of inspiration or is it due to the lutherie but it has an effect on my playing. I don’t play the same things, and I don’t play the same way than on my 2 own guitars. It transforms the way I play, and what I want to play… at least for the moment!

So, what about you? Did you already had the chance to hold such a guitar? The one that makes you feel like you’ve never played guitar before? The one  that makes you explore a hidden side of your playing? I’m not speaking in terms of capacities. Clearly it doesn’t make me play better nor faster but it makes me play different! To sum it up: it is inspiring me! So tell me everything… I want to know if you’ve ever had such a guitar with such an effect on you?

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