Custom 77 Prototypes: The Original Models, Finally!

I’ve already posted about Custom 77 in the past… I really like the state of mind of this little French guitar brand.  They work on transparency about their guitars, and they do manage their clients with a lot of sense, and care.

The only thing I was worried about was to see the Custom 77 guys remaining on the Gibson-like, and Fender-like segments of the market… But after something like 2 years after starting their company they have released the Lust For Life model! This one was rather original though you could spot some influences from past guitars. I did like it though I didn’t like the headstock design. Back then I chatted via emails with one of the cofounders of the brand, and told him that I thought they really should go that way. He replied that they were thinking to make some original models but it was too soon at that time…

And here it comes… A couple of days ago they published several pictures of 2 prototypes for their future line of guitars, and needless to say that I dig these new guitars a lot. They even are way beyond what I was expecting.

So welcome to The Roxy & The Watcher prototypes… I have a strong preference for the Watcher model with a fixed bridge but the other protos looks great too!! These are just prototypes so the production runs might have some little differences but the basics are there! I can’t wait to try one of these!

More brands like Custom 77  should go that way, and build their own original models… I don’t care if I can tell under which influence they are, the point is: create, be original!!

The pictures below are from Custom 77 on Custom 77 Facebook page.

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