Custom 77 Prototypes: The Original Models, Finally!

I’ve already posted about Custom 77 in the past… I really like the state of mind of this little French guitar brand.  They work on transparency about their guitars, and they do manage their clients with a lot of sense, and care.

The only thing I was worried about was to see the Custom 77 guys remaining on the Gibson-like, and Fender-like segments of the market… But after something like 2 years after starting their company they have released the Lust For Life model! This one was rather original though you could spot some influences from past guitars. I did like it though I didn’t like the headstock design. Back then I chatted via emails with one of the cofounders of the brand, and told him that I thought they really should go that way. He replied that they were thinking to make some original models but it was too soon at that time…

And here it comes… A couple of days ago they published several pictures of 2 prototypes for their future line of guitars, and needless to say that I dig these new guitars a lot. They even are way beyond what I was expecting.

So welcome to The Roxy & The Watcher prototypes… I have a strong preference for the Watcher model with a fixed bridge but the other protos looks great too!! These are just prototypes so the production runs might have some little differences but the basics are there! I can’t wait to try one of these!

More brands like Custom 77  should go that way, and build their own original models… I don’t care if I can tell under which influence they are, the point is: create, be original!!

The pictures below are from Custom 77 on Custom 77 Facebook page.

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  1. Antoine Espin

    Ouah ! j’adore le look, c’est épatant je trouve 🙂

  2. C’est marrant moi je trouve ca affreux mais bon les goûts et les couleurs hein ;o)

  3. ouh un manche traversant, va y avoir du sustin !!!
    J’aime bien la première, les deux autres un peu moins.

  4. Présentée ainsi, ça nous donne un sandwich avec de l’excellent pain et jambon tout rance.

    Bref, je n’ai rien contre les Floyd mais je n’aime pas la deux.

  5. la thinline est superbe, à suivre !

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