Why Did it Take me so Long to Hear About Jim Campilongo?

Jim Campilongo - Image from Fretbase.comThere are some musicians that you know one way or another. Yet for a long time you don’t even know their name! Sometimes it is even longer to put a face to the name. And maybe if you are patient enough then you make your way through the music they make! That’s my experience with Jim Campilongo.

I knew this guitarist from his collaboration with Norah Jones in the Little Willies band… But… Well actually I didn’t check his music further! After all most of the time you listen to Norah Jones music because of Norah Jones, and rarely for her musicians! I know that’s bad… Very bad! Even the bravest are lazy sometimes! And  I was lazy before being brave!

Anyway! Jim Campilongo showed up on my radar again in 2010 via Billy Penn who ranked him in his top 10 favorite guitarists! Then I watched him in an interview/demo of the Fender Princeton Reverb amplifier! I’ve followed all these breadcrumbs, and they lead me to his music!

While the Little Willies music is a rather conventional jazzy country music, Jim Campilongo’s music shares a lot with Jeff Beck, Roy Buchanan or Marc Ribot approaches to guitar!! His music is mainly instrumental mixing Country, Jazz, and Rock!

Find him on jimcampilongo.com.

Jim Campilongo – Monkey in a Movie


Jim Campilongo – American Hips


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  1. why did it TOOK so long???

    ooops …

  2. @Joe: ha… hahaha! It was on my checklist check-title-before-publication, and I forgot to check! Personal note: create new entry in the checklist – Entry always-check-the-checklist !!!

    Hope the new title is better!

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