Why Guitar Forums Are on the Verge of Failing?

That’s not valid for guitar forums only… I don’t think it’s valid for every guitar forums out there but here is a paradox on editorial policies of many forums. An inconstency that I don’t really understand on most forums! Though the 2.0 name came much later, how did the pionneers of the web 2.0 become the kings of closure?

Well, closure might be a wrong word to use! The paradox:

  • Check a traditional forum, let’s say a dinosaur like the one called audiofanzine. Every single day there are dozens of topics opened containing links to ecommerce websites like Thomann, Woodbrass or Musician’s Friend.
  • That very same forum doesn’t accept links to non-commercial website because the link is supposed to be an advertising link.
  • Editorial policy specifies that links to commercial, and non-commercial websites are forbidden!

So I guess that some administrators consider that a product page of an ecommerce is an information. Obviously it is even more informative if that ecommerce advertises on the forum. But a link to a blog article is not an information… it is guilty of illegal advertising? At least that’s what they seem to think!

I have no problem at all with the fact that administrators want to protect their position in the niche… It is obvious that I even think that they should protect it! But hell… Make the limits clear enough, and make them the same for every single actor of the forum!

Beware guys… Inbreeding is never a good thing, and it also works for the forums!

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