Fender to Make the Back of Volkswagens More Comfortable?

I’ve spotted this rather weird news about Fender joining forces with Volkswagen cars maker on Fender’s blog. The aim of this collaboration is to provide an audio system that will equip several future Volkswagen models (Jetta GLI, Beetle,…), and it’s called the Fender Premium Audio System.

I know that Fender is famous for knowledge & expertise in amplification, and it’s written in their brand’s DNA. Yet I am wondering what they are reaching for? Maybe I’m just clueless but I’ve never really thought about Fender as “hi-fi” amplification systems builder. As a matter of fact the Fender Premium Audio System is the result of Fender’s partnership with Panasonic. Right, I can see the money part of the “what are they reaching for?” question! Cars sell… Fender gets cash… Everyone is happy in these bad economy days!

Is it enough of a reason to get involved in that kind of unexpected collaboration? As they are doing it, I guess the answer would be yes!

Is it a good thing for Fender’s brand image? Are they expecting some positive side effects on amps & guitars sales?

Most guitarists & bassists drive but will they be Fender fans enough to buy a Volkswagen car with Fender speakers in it? Most drivers around the world don’t play guitar or bass, and they’re not likely to buy a Fender axe or amp because their Volkswagen features the Fender audio system!

Do you think it is a good move for a niche centered business to team up with a broad niche business?

And most important question: the Fender Premium Audio System is a full tube amplification system? 6L6 or EL84? Is this a dumb enough question to conclude this post?

More (serious) information at fender.com.

* Kevin Smith’s fans would have recognized the title as a tribute to the hilarious Mallrats movie!

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