Picture of the Week: Joe Bonamassa Guitars & Amps!

Count ’em all if you can… I just gave up! So here is the impressive guitars and amps collection of Mr Joe Bonamassa (spotted via @guitarnoize). Well stop drooling, let’s give some quick thoughts about this…

  • I think Joe Bonamassa doesn’t have a guitar tech but an army of guitar techs!
  • I sure hope that Joe Bonamassa’s roadies are bodybuilders to say the least!
  • Where the hell does he stock all this gear? No, seriously… I am quite interested, haha!
  • I really would love to hear the lap steels right behind him…
  • Joe Bonamassa loves the Gibson Les Paul, no?
  • I am pretty sure that this is the tip of the iceberg!
  • I think I can say with confidence that the value of Joe Bonamassa’s guitars strings just worth the value of all my guitar gear… And maybe more!
  • Joe… If you read this, I am sure that you might have one or two guitars you never use!


Original link to the picture:  http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u302/tbrisson/jbguitars.jpg

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  1. ce mec est un Mégalomane,sans talent présomptueux et surtout sans “âme”…on le surnomme mes musicos et moi le Monsieur Kalachnikov du blues!

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