Picture of the Week: Jem With a Bigsby… So Vintage?

I love ebay for entertainment purposes because you can find the funniest things like this guitar inspired by the iconic Ibanez Jem, Steve Vai’s favorite electric guitar. Well this is not an actual Jem as it is made of guitar parts from several origins, and the funniest thing is that instead of a Floyd tremolo it has a Bigsby! And no one told me that Steve Vai is now playing Rockabilly with a Jem!

Actually the funniest part was the 800 € starting bid (a little over US$1000)… You never know some rookie might buy it! Well, the seller actually didn’t find any buyer for this axe. I guess people got so confused by such a beauty! So the seller started a new auction with the separate parts from this awesome weirdness! I love ebay!

Fake Ibanez Jem with a Bigsby


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