Picture of the Week: A Moog Lap Steel?

This is not the first time that Moog try to tanspose what they do best i.e. synths to another kind of instrument but I was not expecting a lap steel from them! Apparently they’ve unveiled this new instrument at the Moogfest 2010. There are about 3 pictures on the web and none of the pics show a full frontal view of the Moog lapsteel. It’s not even featured on moogmusic.com yet. So I don’t have any other information about its features… From the pics below all I could say is that it seems to have some additional switches and knobs but it could also be an optical illusion.

One thing that I’m sure about is that if it is something close to the Moog Guitar then the experimental musicians are going to be happy! A synth lap steel would be a great invention for those who like to create sound textures, and ambiant music with a slide! Because yes a lap steel is a great instrument for country, blues or Hawaiian music but it’s also awesome to create an ambiance or a texture. Methinks someone like Jordan Rudess will be one of the first to get one in his instrumental arsenal!

As for me I’ll scrutate the Moog website to know more… And maybe see & hear the instrument! Spotted via @moogmusicinc

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  1. Explanation and vids coming soon!

  2. So I will be checkin’ for the upcoming news 🙂

  3. Mike Milton

    Well, here is a full frontal of mine

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