Picture of the Week: The Secret of the Biggest Guitarists

We all did this one day or another… Avidly consulting a guitar method, observing this guitarist who is a much better player than I would ever hope to be, analysing the movements of his fingers on the guitar fretboard in order to get to know his secret! Hoping that the muse will touch you with here finger so that this blog would be the bridge for an awesome guitar talent to show to the world!!

If you ever meet that muse, ask her to give you the finger that she was going to touch you with! That’s it! That’s the secret! A fucking extra-finger! And you won’t believe that this secret was displayed on the cover of a Polish guitar method: Chwyty Gitarowe!! Yeah I first read “Shitty Guitar Oow!” in the first place too.

Spotted on Photoshop Disasters.

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