Picture of the Week: Buddy Guy’s Polka Dot Scooter!!

And apparently he was in Paris last week, not far from my place! I actually never thought that Buddy Guy would ride a scooter but times are tough for everyone around the world lately!! I desperately looked around the scooter to see a reference to Fender or the Polka Dot Stratocaster signature of the legendary blues master but I couldn’t find any! I even raised the cover to see if Buddy didn’t hide from me when he saw me  running toward the scooter with my phone/camera in the hand just like a bad paparazzi who would have spotted Lady Gaga… But he wasn’t there either!

But I am sure that it is Buddy Guy’s Scooter… Who else would ride a polka dot scooter? Buddy Guy is the man… He is in Paris remaining incognito but riding a polka dot scooter! How cool is that?

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I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.

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