Picture of the Week: The Ukes Cabin

I didn’t really shot the picture this week…  Actually I shot it a couple of months ago while I was on vacation! I was running late to catch a bus, and I  took a shortcut through  this former oyster-farmers cabins zone that was tranformed into an artisans & creators zone about 10/15 years ago. That’s how I stumbled upon this Ukes Cabin, and guess what… This really is a ukuleles cabin!

I was running late so I didn’t have the time to enter because I didn’t want walk the X kilometers to go back home (and I think that the workshop was about to close anyway)… But I made a quick stop to take a few pictures, and have a quick look through the windows! I had a view on some wonderful ukuleles made by a luthier… One thing for sure, if I go back to this place I will stop by again! After all ukulele is fun, right?

That’s only a couple of days later that I learned more about this Case à Ukes which is the workshop of luthier Sylvain Enjoubaut… Have a look on his Ukuleles gallery because he makes some beautiful instruments!

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