Picture of the Week: The Ukes Cabin

I didn’t really shot the picture this week…  Actually I shot it a couple of months ago while I was on vacation! I was running late to catch a bus, and I  took a shortcut through  this former oyster-farmers cabins zone that was tranformed into an artisans & creators zone about 10/15 years ago. That’s how I stumbled upon this Ukes Cabin, and guess what… This really is a ukuleles cabin!

I was running late so I didn’t have the time to enter because I didn’t want walk the X kilometers to go back home (and I think that the workshop was about to close anyway)… But I made a quick stop to take a few pictures, and have a quick look through the windows! I had a view on some wonderful ukuleles made by a luthier… One thing for sure, if I go back to this place I will stop by again! After all ukulele is fun, right?

That’s only a couple of days later that I learned more about this Case à Ukes which is the workshop of luthier Sylvain Enjoubaut… Have a look on his Ukuleles gallery because he makes some beautiful instruments!

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  1. cher Semi,

    en tant que ukiste (ukuleliste?) amateur, je suis effaré de ton commentaire : “Après tout c’est marrant le ukulele!”

    non ce n’est pas marrant, c’est beau, c’est riche, c’est passionnant, c’est un instrument qui procure beaucoup de plaisir

    mais je ne t’en veux pas et te remercie pour ce lien, sa collection est superbe !!!

  2. Mais euh… C’est quand même marrant un Uke… Et heureusement que ça reste marrant, sinon où est le fun de faire de la musique!! o_0

    Et moi aussi parfois je casse les oreilles de mon monde avec mon Ukulele! 🙂

    Et puis d’abord rend son ukulele à ton fils!! Non mais!

  3. George Harrison ou Julien Doré ?

    Voilà à quoi j’occupe mes pensées quand l’envie d’un ukulele me prend.

    Marrant cette cabane.

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