Perpetual Tuning with EverTune?

Could it be one of the biggest innovation in the guitar field? I do think so because I like the idea of just tuning my guitar when I change the strings… It kinda comforts the lazy dude inside of me. Any guitarist knows that fact: the tuning stability of a guitar is all relative. Obviously, depending on the quality of the guitar the phenomenon will be more or less drastic, but if Galileo was a guitarist, I am pretty sure that on his abjuration day he would have said: And yet it moves!!

The reason for that fact involves multiple factors:

  • Mechanical parts of the guitar: bridge saddles, tuning pegs, nut.
  • The wood of the body, the neck, and the headstock
  • Strings: quality, aging,…
  • Human factors: strings attachment, furious bending,…
  • Environmental conditions: temperature, hygrometry, your kiddo or your cat who made your guitar fall to the ground.

EverTuneNo matter what you do, nothing will prevent it!! If you do not keep your guitar in a regulated storage facility, your guitar will get out of tune. So, you will have to constantly re-tune it. And here comes the brilliant solution from EverTune that you can sum up in one word: Compensation. As you can’t prevent the mechanical parts of the guitar to loosen and lead to a varying strings tension, then all you have to do is keep strings tension constant. And to compensate these tension variations, the technology behind the EverTune involves nothing but 6 springs and a fixed bridge. This is so simple and logic that it is brilliant!!

EverTuneThe pictures on the EverTune website show that the system requires a cavity on the back of the guitar. For that matter, they are announcing that it will be available on select models of electric guitar manufacturers in a first step. Then it will be be available as an installation kit for existing guitars. Even better, they are working to develop a trem system (and I will be curious to see how it goes with a floating bridge), and the same system for bass guitars.

To be followed then… And you can check on website to get more details about all this.

Spotted on Crunchgear.

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