Pedal Labels : Never Forget Your Effects Settings Again !

Some ideas are just like that… You see them and then you just think why the hell didn’t you think about it yourself ? That’s the case of Pedal Labels launched by Hank from the guitar effects blog : Effects Bay (I recommend this reading if you still don’t know it). And the funniest thing is that he had the idea because of a section of his blog, the Pedal Line Friday.

The problem ? How do you remember the effects settings on a pedalboard made of X effect pedals. Especially when you can accidentally change these settings. How to easily remember the settings for your next rehearsal or gig?

The solution ? Stickers… But not the basic sticker ! The adhesive needs to be strong enough to maintain the label but light enough to remove it easily with no residues or traces of some sort !

Yes… Stickers providing a clean view of the effects pedal settings but that don’t leave any residues once removed (if you change your settings as it may often happen or if you want to sell the pedal) ! That’s a very simple idea and it’s cool to see it on the market !!

There are different styles of labels to match a maximum range of pedals available on the market. The full Pedal Label System pack is available for $7.95 direct from Pedal Labels. It contains 6 individual sheets with over 100 labels (Ibanez, MXR, Boss and individual knob configurations).

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