Paper – Rock – Scissors for Guitarists: Response to I Heart Guitar!

Peter from I Heart Guitar had this funny post about a version of the children’s game paper-rock-scissors for guitarists… I wanted to answer in the comments of his blog post but hey, I do have blog right? At first I was about to give my own version of the game but I thought: Nay… Peter got it all right, the dude is truly funny! I can’t beat him!! Unless…

Unless I come up with a trick… A super power that will defeat every paper, rock or scissors in the world! I remember when I was a kid we had a variant of the game in which a clever kid would use a well! No one can beat a well, everything falls into the well!

My super-powered version paper-rock-scissors for guitarists will then include a Dunlop Cry Baby:

  • No matter how you chain it, it will totally shape your tone!
  • Find the balance point, and your guitar will cut in the mix like a switchblade!
  • Dude… That pedal looks like Pacman’s reject with that big open mouth! It eats, and beats everything!

Yeah… No one can resist when that Dunlop baby cries! Ya see… That poor Fuzz Face didn’t see it coming!

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