One Song Challenge

If you have a music band (or you are a one man band, who knows), you might be interested by the following one of a kind competition. I’ve spotted the One Song Challenge on Rock House Blog, and I thought it was cool enough to be shared. The principle of the contest is rather simple. You will find the pdf document of the song containing lyrics and chords progression on the website.

Once you have this document, all you have to do is to interpret and record your piece following the simple rule that there are almost no rules. You play the song your way ,alone or with your band. You get to choose the tempo that suits you, the genre you like, transpose it, make additions (intro, bridge, solo, outro), etc… In other words be the musician that you are supposed to be!!

To participate:

  • Record your performance
  • Upload your video to YouTube with the title: “Together” – your band’s name – One Song Challenge
  • Email the following to the organizers:  The link to your YouTube submission, your band’s name and your town/city
  • Get it all done before the deadline of the contest: March 1, 2010.

The winner gets to win a free website template adapted to musicians/bands.  Beyond the prize, I think that such a challenge is a nice way to get exposure for musicians, and to demonstrate their talent and creativity. Plus, refreshing your website can be cool… So, let’s rock the one song challenge gals and guys.

Here is the performance of the winner of the previous One Song Challenge… Adrian Bilitch.


Get all the details on the website.

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