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To enter the Line 6 giveaway, I’ve asked readers to tell me about their guitar gear: guitars, effects, amps,… I found this interesting to know readers tastes when it comes to guitar gear!

The sample is:

  • Not really representative: If there was 5 times more entrants the landscape would have been totally different.
  • Biased a little: as the prize was a Line 6 Pod HD500, it attracted many Line 6 fans.

Instead of giving you numbers, percentage, and other statistics I chose to display the result of the “survey” as a word cloud. It’s a fun, and visual way to see this. I used the Wordle website to generate this cloud.

  • The Fender Stratocaster is the queen of guitars!
  • The Gibson Les Paul must be the princess then…
  • Their Squier & Epiphone little sisters are very appreciated.
  • I thought I would see more Yamaha guitars than Ibanez… Wrong!
  • The “guitar collectors” (own more than 3 guitars).
  • The Copy tag in the cloud indicates that many of you have (legal) copies of Stratocaster & Les Paul from various brands.
  • Amplification = Marshall.
  • Effects = Boss.
  • There is a lot of Line 6 gear (but I think it’s mainly due to the fact that Line 6 fans were more interested in the giveaway)

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