(Not a Real) Report of Rock En Seine Festival: Faith No More.

Last Saturday, I spent some time at the Rock En Seine FestivalFaith No More baby!! 11 years since the disappeared from the radars. I loved their music in my early twenties but I never had the opportunity to see them performing live. The funny thing is that I totally forgot about this gig, and luckily a friend had a last minute invitation for me! So, cool!!

I am not going to write a real report of the concert because I was not there for that purpose… So let’s make it à-la twitter! A few thoughts that occurred to me while I was goin’ back home… Paris tube thoughts if you prefer! Subjective and obvious, so you have to read this:


dananananaykroydFugazi had sex with RATM & gave birth to Dananananaykroyd. Scottish guys who love to rock’n’cuddle! 1st time ever I saw a hug pit.

I already saw mosh pits… never saw hug pits! All I would say about this band is that I will listen further. Their music blends a lot of influences! I regret that they didn’t push further their noisy touch à-la Sonic Youth…

Billy Talent! Straight in the face punk pop rock band! Don’t know if they got talent, but they sure rock: sincere & raw.

Across the reviews, I read some bad critics about their lack of originality… Ok, why not? I won’t totally agree (but who cares?) as I spotted many unexpected influences and sounds for such a band… Not the best band ever, but high energy and an obvious pleasure to be on stage!

The Offspring! Finally, Dexter learned how to sing in tune, almost all the time! Kidz in the pit made me feel old. Still luv Smash hits tho

I really liked the best-seller album Smash back in its release year, so I really enjoyed to listen to the songs of this album… But damn I felt old while looking at all those kiddos jumping and yelling at songs I didn’t even heard before! Breaking News: A few years ago, Dexter wanted to steal Axl Rose title Chinese Democracy. Eventually, he ended up stealing his piano… weird huh?

img_2096Faith No More! Worthed the 11 fucking years waiting! Patton is an insanely loud crooner! Sinatra ate Godzilla, or the other way around?

One of the most homogeneous band ever, and believe you me, I think it is essential to play the Faith No More tunes that are sometimes quite complex. They entered the stage in their well cut suits, and Patton was crooning a cover of Reunited (Peaches & Herb) right before unleashing the fury…

  • Mike Patton is a psychopath, I can’t see another explanation! Always amazed by his ability to reach extreme vocals and cover all the range between, i.e. from the opera singer to death-metal growler. Surely one of the best vocalists alive!
  • Mike Bordin (drums)Billy Gould (bass) are the earthquake rhythm section. If you don’t headbang to their groove, that means you’re dead! But, they also can be so soft and subtle…
  • Jon Hudson (guitar) fits perfectly either in a funky-soul style or heavy as a ton of rocks through your face!!
  • Roddy Bottum (keyboard) is essential to the band, without him I think they would have to change name into No More! Excellent keyboardist and excellent singer to!

I didn’t write down the set-list of the gig, but they played tunes covering their 20 something years of existence, from We Care a Lot to King For a Day… Fool For a Lifetime. As an encorebut I may be wrong, I think they played a tune that was a medley from Fantômas album Director’s cut Well I was actually wrong because the real tune was Midnight Cowboy from Angel Dust I’ve opened up open office to write a post about an instrument the melodica that Patton played during this song… But I’ll be back to this later.

I really have to do something about this discursive habit of mine…

* Pictures are from the official websites and myspace of the bands.

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