NAMM 2010 Radar: ZT Amplifiers Booth

Lunchbox ZT AmplifiersZT Amplifiers produces these tiny yet powerful small solid state amplifiers that are quite popular for a couple of months now. From what I’ve heard of the Lunchbox (I didn’t tried one yet) it sounds great, and reviews caught my attention (just read the review by Billy Penn from It is often described as a responsive amp with a lot of dynamics, effects friendly, and designed to be used from home practice to stage performance (though it might require to be plugged in a cab for some styles of music). As I’m an effects user, and I didn’t play with a band for a while, I think it would totally suit my expectations. And in case I would join a band, it would do the trick. I have to admit that the awesome look is kinda catchy too.

Now, Ken Kantor and ZT Amplifiers are set to unveil their brand new Lunchbox Acoustic amplifier at NAMM 2010. I am quite curious to hear samples from this amplifier that packs pretty much the same features than its electric guitar cousin, and some new features as the two-channels one for instruments and the other for microphones. The description is rather attractive (The Lunchbox is) “available for working singer-songwriters, vocalists and demanding acoustic players of all styles”… I think that ZT Amplifiers is set to make some noise… Once again.

Lunchbox Acoustic ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Acoustic ZT Amplifiers

For more informations check the ZT Amplifiers website

Demo of the Lunchbox from Billy Penn’s


And another demo showing that it is not limited to guitar amplification… Violin sounds great too.


If any of you want to share his or her experience with amps from ZT Amplifiers, be my guest and leave a comment below. I’d appreciate your insights.

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