NAMM 2010 Radar: Z. Vex Inventobox – The Open Source Effect Pedal

Zacchary Vex, the effects pedals builder, is launching a new concept: the Z. Vex Inventobox, the open-source effect pedal. This product is targeting those who would like to do a bit DIY but don’t feel comfortable enough with a soldering iron in their hands. But the most experimented DIYers could also have an interest in this modular unit.

The Z. Vex Inventobox is a unit that comes with all the necessary components to build your own effect pedal (removable potentiometers, switches, cables,…) without soldering. The unit has 2 different channels so that you can build one or two effects within the same pedal. The lid has a removable tray to access the experimenters socket where you will build your own circuit.

Z. Vex Inventobox Z. Vex Inventobox

In first instance, Z. Vex is introducing 3 modules so that you can easily build up famous Z.Vex circuits: The Super Hard-On, the Fuzz Factory, and fully-buffered Tone Stack module that emulates the bass/mid/treble controls on a Marshall amplifier. Once built it is possible to adjust the pedal to your taste in order to get the tone you need. All you will have to do is experimenting with the values of the capacitors, resistances and transistors.

The most interesting feature that will surely catch the pedal geeks out there is the fact that the Inventobox modules will be open source. The idea is that Z. Vex hopes to sell modules modules online by various designers which will give a really wide range of effect choices. And for sure, there will be people out there to experiment with their own designs. Even better, as he is claiming that people are already hacking his pedals and posting his designs on the various forum, he chose to eventually give away all his schematics and instructions. He is creating an iPhone app to sell the modules and view the available schematics. This sounds like a leap of faith… And I hope that he will get away with it. The Inventobox will cost 300$ without the modules, and 400$ with the 3 modules (Super Hard-On, Fuzz Factory and Tone Stack). Via Wired.

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  1. J’adore l’idée ! Bon, le prix reste élevé pour moi, mais il fallait il penser !

  2. Oui, c’est en effet un peu élevé…

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