NAMM 2010 Radar: Two Notes Booth

Quick note about Two Notes, a French company that will be at NAMM 2010, and I think NAMM attendees should have a look on their products: the Torpedo VB-101 and the VM-202 prototype (as confirmed by Guillaume from Two Notes)… High end products conceived for a professional use but also affordable for those who seriously play with a band.

Two Notes Torpedo VB-101

The Torpedo VB-101 is a speaker and microphone simulator designed for studio, home-studio and stage. Instead of using the traditional way to record your guitar or bass tracks (i.e. by plugin your amplifier into a cabinet, and then record through a microphone), the VB-101 is made to replace both cabinet and microphone. I’ve attended a demo of the Torpedo at the Salon de la Musique 2008 in Paris, I remember that it sounds awesome even at a low volume.

They also will present the brand new VM-202 which is a dual-processor guitar/bass cab simulator with an exclusive tube stage simulator, along with the torpedo algorithm. You can play two cab and microphone simulations simultaneously, and reproduce a multi microphone miking process.

Two Notes will be at booth 1675 check and the dedicated micro-site for more informations.

Here is a video demo of the Torpedo VB-101 (more videos on the Two Notes micro-site)


And here is a video introduction by sound tech engineer Steven Forward


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