NAMM 2010 Radar: Pearl Drums e-Pro Live

I know that NAMM 2010 is over now but there are so many stuff that showed up on my radar that I still want to share some news with you… Here is one of these that will definitely knock out a friend of mine who can’t play drums since he lives in a flat with neighbors… Pearl Drums Corp presented the e-Pro Live drumset that looks like a regular acoustic drums, but actually is an electric acoustic drumset. I have to admit that even though I am not drummer (and I’ve tried to learn in the past), I’ve spent several minutes dreaming about how cool it would be to have one.

R.E.D. Box Module PearlPearl Drums Corp is claiming that e-Pro Live is nothing but the very first electronic drumset that will give you the same sensations and the same sounds than a regular acoustic drums. I can’t tell you if that’s true as the basic principle behind the e-Pro Live is  rather similar to the other electronic drums out there. Yet they claim that the triggers are more adapted and have the same feel than the acoustic shells. It features 2 types of cymbals either rubber or brass. The percussion sounds are generated by the r.e.d box module that contains 1000 sounds, and 100 different kits with the possibility to  add some additional drum kits. Last but no the least, the triggers will be sold separately to be installed on your own acoustic drumset. The price should be about $3200 according to the rumors.

Some might say that Pearl is just re-inventing the electronic drums without bringing any novelty (actually they already saying it)… As for me the question that bothers me the most is about the limits of the drumkit. The way I see it: though some drummers use them on stage, electronic drums are mostly made to be used at home to be played through headphones or with a low volume. So, I wonder how loud the e-Pro Live can really sound? I can imagine that the shells will be muted by the triggers, but the metal cymbals are going to cause a lot of troubles with the neighbors.


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