N4 POM, the New Niglo Ergonomic Pick

I wrote several posts about the Niglo guitar picks (here or there). Until now they were made from bronze, silver or even gold. But now there is a new Niglo pick made from a more conventional material : POM (polyoxymethylene) also known as Delrin.

Daniel Patin, creator of the Niglo picks chose to make a first batch of delrin N4 pick. The N4 Niglo pick has a longer tip than the N3 or the N2 picks. It also is the most successful pick from Niglo’s catalogue.

I’ve received this brand new N4 POM guitar pick, and I have to say that after a few days testing, I like the result.

The bronze Niglo N4 picks has two features that could disturb many guitarists.

  1. The weight. Not that the Niglo N4 is so heavy that you can’t lift it. But when you are used to light weight guitar picks, then the heavy weight of the Niglo picks could be disturbing at the first contact.
  2. The tone. A bronze pick hitting guitar strings generates a very special tone. While some advanced guitar players will find a musicality in these metallic overtones, I guess that most of us can’t easily find the right way to play (with) them.

Well, obviously the two points above are not a matter of concern anymore with the N4 POM guitar picks. Replacing bronze with delrin brings back the N4 Niglo picks in much familiar zone for most of us.

The delrin polymer is characterized by its high hardness, rigidity and resistance. Considering that this is a heavy gauge pick (to my knowledge this is one of the thickest picks you can find), I’d say that even the most brutal guitar player won’t wear it out anytime soon !

During the design process of the N4 POM, Daniel Patin brought an improvement to the pick compared to the bronze version. The N4 POM has a textured top to ensure a good grip. As for the ergonomics of the Niglo picks, it is not altered. The N4 POM still has that special grip on it that will require a little practice to be totally comfortable.

For those of you who are looking for a thick guitar pick but still pleasant to play with, I can only recommend you to check the Niglo N4 POM at the Niglo online shop or one of the international distributors.

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