Muzicosphere is Just Like Santa!

Now I know how the seller of a winning lottery ticket must feel when one of his clients get to hit the jackpot… I can tell you that it is a mix of jealousy and pride. Jealousy because let’s face it: we all know he should get to win at least once instead of his client!! Pride because deep down he feels like Santa spreading the joy.

No I didn’t smoke pot nor the turkey was stuffed with illegal dope!! Nope!! It’s just that yesterday Rittenhouse proceeded to the random drawing to pick the winner of one of their wonderful relic guitars, and guess what… I didn’t win!! But my buddy Pierre, the soon to be famous podcaster from La Chaîne Guitare (The Guitar Channel) won the sweepstake. And I am particularly proud to know that he heard about the Rittenhouse giveaway here at Muzicosphere!! I just feel like Santa, but younger and sexier of course!

So, congratulations Pierre… I hope you’ll enjoy this guitar as much as the thousand something contestants would!! And to everybody I wish you a merry Christmas… hohoho!


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